Thursday, November 6, 2014

November 3, 2014

Mission goodbyes are no fun.  I got transferred this week to go to University of California Riverside and be in the University Heights Ward.  I'm Chinese speaking now, so I need to brush up!  I'm really going to miss everyone though.  Not only the missionaries in this area, but the members of the ward too.  It's like I'm leaving my family again! We had to say our last goodbyes last night with some members in the ward.

This past week we did a lot of errands preparing Johansen for tomorrow (when he goes home), sending his bike and books home, and packing up.  I had to pack up too because I'm being transferred! – my first transfer.  I'll be in the University Heights congregation of our church so my new address is:

Elder Jacob Dyer
2700 Iowa Ave. Apt 28
Riverside, CA 92507

I'm excited because now I'm Chinese speaking so I'm going to be talking to a lot of Chinese people! (and maybe eating more Chinese food).

Saying goodbye to the people we've talked to for the past three months was hard to.  Tom, our friend who owns the Pho restaurant was nice.  He's a member of the church.  Today, his son called the Elders in the ward he lives in and thanked them (us - me and Johansen) for going over all the time and becoming such good friends with him - apparently it helped him a lot.  We love him. I'm going to have to stop by sometime in the near future!

For Halloween night, we had to get off the streets by 6 o'clock.  Johansen and I went as soccer players (Arsenal for me, Real Madrid for him).  We got to watch the movie, "The Best Two Years."  It's surprising how accurate it is about missionary life!  We obviously kicked a ball around in the gym or a little bit too.  It's going to be sad leaving this stake, because apparently it's the only Stake that plays soccer on p-days! I do not like basketball... but sometimes we have to do hard things... :)

Johansen turned 21 on Saturday so on the mission that entailed eating lots and lots of sushi, which was really fun.  When I turn 21 I'll be back at Brown! – weird thoughts.

Elders Dyer and Johansen at the "Riverside" (what the city is named after)

Elder Dyer and Easley, investigator and bowling expert

Elders Johansen and Dyer in Halloween garb as grocery store workers

Elders make cookies

Last Pho (for now) with Tom

Last Taco Tuesday

Halloween soccer customers 1

Halloween soccer customers 2 (what is different in this photo from the previous one?)

Elder Dyer sews pants for companion

We go to go to a wedding!

Elder Dyer with the Bishop and his family

With the Hafer family

With the Hunsaker family

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