Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 29, 2014

So, missions are disappointing a lot of the time.  We make appointments - people cancel, we try to visit people - they're not home – tons of rejection. But it’s all good fun because it makes that person who's willing to talk to us that much better.  At least people on the street are sometimes willing to talk.  We pulled up in our cute red Toyota Corolla next to this black Ferrari at a light.  I rolled down my window and did the only natural thing, shout, "HEY LET'S RACE!" The driver who had his window down laughed so hard, but they turned the corner.  So I guess you could say I've beaten a Ferrari in a street race.

It's interesting.  Easley, our bowling 81 year old investigator, grew up in Texas with segregation.  He started bowling because he worked at a whites only bowling alley setting up pins for people, so he could bowl in the downtime.  He's seen a lot in his lifetime.  It's amazing the stories you hear from people!  We went bowling with him today, and it was fun.  His screen was all strikes and spares (mostly strikes) and mine was, well, not mostly strikes or spares.  But he taught us a lot - don't aim for the pins, aim for the arrows in the floor on the lane.  He'll be coming with us to General Conference next weekend, so that should be super fun.  Everyone go watch General Conference okay?  I'll advertise for the church here - LDS.org on Saturday morning/afternoon, and Sunday morning/afternoon (October 4th and 5th).  It's pretty much Mormon TED talks!

Sometimes people aren't exactly the nicest.  We were walking down a street in a nice little neighborhood and made eye contact in the side mirror with this guy in his truck.  He turns the car on and drives to the corner, turns the corner, stops, and flips us off while shouting on the top of his lungs "smoke meth, hail satan", then he zoomed away.  Why smoke meth?... that's just plain bad for your body.  Too bad I couldn't run up to tell him that.  I guess his mom never told him!  Pretty funny how we can make grown men run away from us though! But yeah, that was weird.  

Other than that, this week has been really slow with all the appointments falling through – lots of street contacting so I'm talking to a ton of people.  The temperature is finally cooling down and it is beautiful.  We finally didn't die from heatstroke during soccer because it was 76 degrees outside (Fahrenheit of course).  Beautiful weather for P-day soccer!

In-n-out burger - finally!

Elder Jacob Dyer with investigator who fixes up bikes and cars

Elder Jacob Dyer with his new Chinese-English electronic dictionary

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