Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October 6, 2014

As missionaries, we try to help as many people as possible.  We saw this guy who looked like he needed a hand in the Walmart parking lot.  Turns out he ran out of gas, so we went to fill him some.  When we came back, his friend with a cigarette in his mouth spilled about half of it trying to fill up the car.  But apparently that's not dangerous because static electricity has a higher chance of causing a fire than cigarettes (?). I thought that statistic was fishy.  Anyways, afterwards he asked, "why'd you guys do that," great opportunity to show him we care, just trying to spread the love. 

One of our new investigators we found from a miracle.  The other Elders in our area referred her to us and we visited.  She's been through so much - cancer (in remission 4 months now), broke her back in 3 places from a car crash recently, husband divorced her because of the cancer, and now she's incredibly weak.  She has this huge 220 pound bull mastiff that drools like CRAZY.  We taught her how Jesus Christ can bring healing to her life, and she was crying. 

When we gave her a Book of Mormon, she said she couldn't give us a donation, she didn't have the money.  We told her that it's free, and she just held it super close to her - she loves it.  It's amazing the people that have been prepared for us to visit.  When we talked about baptism, she asked when we were having the next one.  She's now on date to be baptized on November 1st.  She's excited for it.

At general conference, I met this investigator of the Chinese speaking Elders from XuJiaHui, in Shanghai.  I surprised myself with my ability to carry out a conversation in Chinese.  It's nice to meet people from back home!  

One of the guys we visit, who has the jeep, and plays golf surprised us.  He used to play with Tiger Woods in Junior PGA, he was in the top five with Tiger.  Apparently he can drive further than him!  It's amazing the kinds of people you meet.  We love to visit him, super chill guy. 

Elder Dyer with birthday gifts from friends in London on study abroad (Elder Dyer's favorite English football club is Arsenal, hence the team scarf)

Sunsets are nice in the hills of California

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