Thursday, January 29, 2015

January 27, 2015

We had a great week that culminated in another baptism.  Our font is going to have people every week for the next couple weeks, which is great.  I confirmed the two members from last week’s baptisms in Church on Sunday in front of everyone in Sacrament meeting.  I did one in Chinese and one in English.  Only about 15 people in the congregation understood my Chinese though (not because it's that terrible though!).  It was a great feeling when I said, "receive the Holy Ghost" - felt like electricity pulsating through me.  

I'm sad to leave this area because it's been so fruitful.  There's so much work to be done! Hopefully I can continue that energy in my next area - that will have a lot more Chinese people!  

We got to visit the Temple in Redlands this past week as well.  It's always a great experience to sit in the Temple dressed in all white and just ponder - very peaceful, very calming.

As I've said many MANY times, one of the perks of teaching Chinese people is being able to eat at their houses.  I had a very delicious, very filling dinner at some of our investigators from Qinghai.  Too bad I'll miss their homemade noodles next time they feed the missionaries!

Si Li, one of the recent converts from last week, took the SAT on Saturday.  I had been working with him a ton to help him improve his score.  I now know what my mom felt like during the lead up to and on the day of my SAT.  I was more stressed than he was!  Thanks mom!

I got transferred, so my new address is:

Elder Jacob Calvin Dyer
5615 Daybreak Dr. Apt G
Mira Loma, CA 91752 

There’re tons of horses in this area... not a fan.  I'm a district leader now too - so more responsibility - It'll be fun though!

Big group at church

Elders Dyer and Schoonmaker at Redlands temple

Elder Dyer at Redlands temple

Temple perspective

With family from Qinghai

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