Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March 16, 2015

Lots of meetings this week.  Picked up my greenie on Tuesday – Elder Dalmer from Oregon.  Great guy! He's supposed to go to Taiwan, Taichung, but his visa didn't come through so he got the next best thing, Riverside California!!!  There were four visa waiters for Taiwan that came in, so all four of us Chinese Elders are training.  We have eight Chinese missionaries in the mission now! That's a first! Their first morning, Elder Murray and I welcomed them with some Dan Bing, because they're not getting it in Taiwan, they can get it here!  His Chinese last name is the same "Dai" that I have, so we're Elder Dai and Elder Dai, President must have thought it would be funny!

They got their second introduction to Chinese culture when one of our Chinese members made chicken feet for them.  The members are from Sichuan so they made some really spicy food.  Elder Dalmer was asking what the least spicy thing on the table was, and Elder Carling (Elder Murray's trainee) said, "the apple juice" it was too funny.  I don't think they liked it very much but at least they tried it!  Next up, stinky tofu! We're not going to let them miss out on the Taiwanese experience!

We've been going over to Chino Hills a lot in the past weeks so Mulan's been going a lot of miles (our car is Mulan!).  We had a miracle and found one of the investigators that was supposed to be baptized last month, but got a new phone that for some reason can't call our phone.  On Saturday we were supposed to have two people getting baptized in Chino Hills a mom and an eight year old, but on Friday she called it off which was a bummer.  So close!

With my new missionary - Elder Dalmer

A family we are teaching

At the field - all decked out and ready to play

Gotta have our headbands!

So serious!

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