Thursday, March 26, 2015

March 23, 2015

So I'm losing my boy in two weeks!  Elder Dalmer got his visa to go to Taiwan today and he will leave on April 6th.  It's been a fun time though.  Awesome seeing his Chinese improve so much.

One of our investigator's husband and son returned to China to go back to school and work so she is alone here.  She was really scared about being along so we recommended she get a "beware of dog" sign to scare away any potential intruders.  Yesterday when we dropped by there was this nice big "beware of dog" sign on her fence gate.  It's pretty funny.  We had to go into a bank to translate for her too.  We double as missionaries and translators.  A Chinese family walked in while we were helping and must have thought I worked there.  They walked up to me and asked if there are any employees who speak Chinese in some broken English.  I think they had a heart attack when I told them there's one in the back (that I had seen earlier) who speaks Chinese... in Chinese of course.

At the park, we ran into these three guys playing basketball.  We were talking to them for a bit, and obviously brought up religion.  I told them if I make this shot, they have to come to church with us.  I made the shot, so we'll have some more people at church this Sunday!

One of our investigators is struggling with believing there is a God.  I picked a flower before we drove out there to Chino Hills to talk about nature and how beautiful it is to connect it to God.  Elder Dalmer held it for the 30 minute ride. When we got there, this spider started crawling out.  Looked like he had a nice car ride in Mulan!

Elder Dyer - number one barber in Riverside California

Got my Jesus socks on for St. Patrick's day

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