Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May 25, 2015

Great week, with another baptism.  Unfortunately there were only about eight people there.  All of our members had other stuff to do.  It was very intimate though.  He shared his testimony about how he found the missionaries.  Elder Murray found him.  He was driving somewhere and had on the wrong shoes, so after five minutes, he came back and ran into missionaries.  Destiny!!!  Elder Zeng and I ended up having to prepare some snacks, so we made cookies! Fun stuff.

We helped a recent convert translate as he was buying a new car.  It started smooth, he'd say something and we'd translate, but apparently the salesman was taking too long to give him the OTD (out the door price - did not know what that meant until this last week) so he decided to forgo the translation and say the price he wanted OTD or no, so he ended up walking out.  

Our Mission President challenged us to read the Book of Mormon while highlighting pretty much everything that talks about Jesus, and oh boy is there a bunch of stuff.  It's fun you guys should read it.


Zone conference

With Elder Haslem.  He was my Zone Leader when I came into the mission, and he's going home already! (Sister Bjork behind us)

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