Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015

Tragedy strikes Elder Dyer again.  I lost my second son to Child Protective Services.  I feel like my son was in 10th grade, and told me he wanted to skip 11th and 12th, and just go straight to college!  No fun, so much left to teach him!  I got called to be a Zone Leader with Elder Murray so I have to give Elder Zeng up.  Elder Merriman is going to be continuing [Elder Zeng’s] training.  My highlight with [Elder Zeng] last week was him filling up the car with gas all by himself.  Had to shed a tear, it was a monumental moment in his life.  

In other news.  Tina was baptized on Sunday night.  We made cookies again, and the members say they're getting better and better! Secret ingredient: butter and more butter. 

Another one of our investigators postponed his baptism a week so his wife and son could get formal clothes.  I guess that's okay... 

We went with a member's wife (she's not a member - yet) to the park with her kids because her husband wasn't home when we dropped by.  We walked the puppy for them.  I think the Church should look into getting their missionaries puppies - because I can guarantee you it increases the amount of people that are willing to talk to you by like a million percent.  

Pretty much all of our investigators that are renting rooms in other people's houses can't meet at their house anymore.  All of the land lords no longer like us.  Not because we're rude or anything.  There's a Chinese Christian church nearby that's all about bashin' on the Mormons.  We have horns, we're polygamists, we'll chop off your arm if you leave the church after joining.  Oh wait, no we won't... It's really annoying though.  Props to the investigators and members though, they keep coming strong and kind of think the general "fear" of our church is a bit ridiculous.

I really admire our investigators because they stick with us and keep coming to church even though my translation is terrible.  Imagine if you had someone who's English wasn't even that good, translating your church services or whatever - I'd get a bit tired...

Elder Zeng being pulled by a member's puppy

With Tina for her baptism

Jarupa Zone!

Being with a companion from Sichuan means you obviously have to sample cookies with spicy fillings

Our beautiful cookie arrangement for the baptism

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