Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 6, 2015

I'm probably getting transferred next week so here's my address until I know my new one:

Elder Jacob Dyer
5900 Grand Avenue
Riverside, CA 92504

We were talking to some recent converts this past week, and one was telling us how she's not a studying type of person - so she doesn't really like to study the scriptures.  She'll be all sad sometimes because she's in a new country and can't speak the language, but all she has to do is watch one of her favorite Chinese reality TV shows and she's happy again.  Her husband was telling her how that wasn't long term happiness and it won't last, but she said, "If I just keep watching them then I'll always be happy." I love the members here!

We were eating lunch with some investigators at their house, and it turns out my mom isn't the only one who doesn't like "cuts by Elder Dyer".  After lunch, our investigator said she wanted to cut my hair.  So I agreed to it.  She had this mini hair salon in her garage even with the cape/apron thing you wear to prevent hair from getting on you, I need to look into investing in one of those! Let the record show she cut it really weird and I had to shape it up at home, sorry mom.

One of the things you'll run into as a missionary in Southern California are door-to-door solar or pest killer salesmen try to sell to you.  When I say sell, I mean trying to hire us.  It's a pretty regular thing at this point. Apparently, Mormon door-to-door salesmen are really sought after.  One of the many we ran into last week had his whole sales pitch in under 2 minutes! I've gotten quite a few numbers from these kind of guys - lots of business cards.  Elder Murray is an especially good target because he's about to go home.  This one guy though, he brought out pictures of his brand new orange Lamborghini - pretty tempting I must say.  Summer sales.

We had a mission leadership conference/council (MLC) last week, which lasted a really long time - 8am until 4pm. Meetings are a hard part of missionary life!

For the 4th of July, we had a church activity car show to go to in the morning (lots of classic old cars) which our investigators loved a LOT, and a huge potluck for the Chinese members after.  Their food is too good! There were about 50 people in attendance.  Lots were members, lots were recent converts, and lots were investigators.  It's nice to see the fruits of your labors come together!

He's a big boy!

Tony in a 60's (?) Corvette in the church parking lot

With Tony and Tina at the church parking lot car show!

Finally a picture with our really buff investigator and his wife - he loved the 4th of July car show our church had

With recent convert who moved :( to an area with a Chinese ward

Mission leadership council

I'm getting into dish soap art (that's a very accurate portrait of Elder Murray)

New Mulan!!! 2015 Toyota Corolla

16 miles on it, not bad

new mulan > old mulan

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