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January 18, 2015

“Richie” [name changed to protect the young] got confirmed this week, two weeks after his baptism.  He wasn't able to be confirmed last week because his mom ended up taking his church clothes to go wash in the morning before church, and wasn't back home in time.  He wouldn't DARE show up to church without his white shirt and tie, no matter how much I told him that his clothes did NOT matter.  Some of his family showed up to church for his confirmation though.  They were so proud of him.  It was so cute to see him teach them how to flip through the hymn books and find the hymns we would be singing.

I enjoyed spending time with a recent church convert in Corona on exchanges again.  It's amazing to see how much he has progressed since I taught him in Corona.  He truly has taken the Gospel in stride in his life and is an amazing missionary!  Teaching with him is really fun.  

Since our mission conference, I've been asking a lot more questions in my teaching.  One of the investigators we taught in Corona said I was like a psychiatrist, getting all this information out of her through questions.  Their answers reveal a lot and really help us missionaries in the teaching process to teach to their needs.

We're teaching this granddaughter of a member who comes to church every week.  It's really fun because we give each other homework at the end of each lesson.  We can't give her homework without her giving us some too!  Usually part of that homework involves getting Hershey's nuggets chocolates for her and reading from the Book of Mormon stories picture Book of Mormon.  It is very fun!

Old ladies didn't seem to be fans of us this week.  We tried to contact a few and each time they just turned around and started walking back to their house.  We must be very intimidating missionaries!

We started our California Riverside Mission version of Groundhog Day this past week.  We have multi-zone conferences we have to do every day to varying zones.  It feels like the same thing over and over again.  The cool thing is we learn a new thing at every conference so I guess it's worth it!

With recent church convert on exchanges in Corona!

A member gave our young friend a "future missionary" tag.  The picture where he's smiling is blurry, but he's smiling! 

One of our members' dogs had puppies.  It's tiny!

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