Tuesday, January 5, 2016

January 4, 2016

Transfer week!  Always fun because we get to drive the BIG van to the airport and back.  It's fun being so high up in the air.  It lets ME bully people on the street, instead of getting bullied in my little Corolla!  It's always fun driving home with the new missionaries and hearing all their impressions of the Riverside mission.  

Most exciting part of the week, getting chased down a guy's very long driveway as he dropped the most f-bombs I've honestly ever heard in my life, squeezed into 2 minutes.  Best comment "I'm going to kick you down my [...] driveway!"  He didn't do it, fortunately.  

We got President and Sister Mullen a scarf and a tie for Christmas that is matching purple!  So at the District Leader training meeting, we wore our matching ties from Bishop, while they decided to wear their Christmas presents to match as well.  Finally got them matching too!

We had Richie's [name changed to protect the young] baptism on Sunday which was awesome!  He was all dressed up in his white shirt and tie and was really excited for his big day.  His Grandma attended which was awesome.  There's a special spirit at baptisms, she was in tears.  We had a heart to heart with his family the day before his baptism.  They're very supportive of Richie, but when it comes to them committing, that's the hard part.  We had a nice discussion about the church though, and how it lifts us both spiritually and temporally. 

When people are in need, they really turn to the gospel and allow it to lift them.  They mentioned how they'd seen a change in Richie.  This past Saturday when we went by to confirm everything for his baptism, he had been acting up a little.  The Grandma said it was the "devil" trying as hard as he could to stop Richie from being baptized.  She said that when Richie was fussing, they told him, Richie you better stop or else we're going to call Elder Dyer and have him come here.  I ended up showing up anyway, but apparently he just calmed down.  It's fun teaching him, and knowing I'm having such a good influence on his life.  

Richie and his brother are very active, but when we get there for a lesson, we get down the business. They'll be running around but when I say, alright Richie, it's time to start, who's saying the opening prayer? He scurries over and folds his arms and sits down ready to listen.  It's the cutest thing.

We got President and Sister Mullen a matching purple scarf and tie for Christmas, and they wore it to a training meeting! We had to match too.

With my young friend before his baptism!

With my young friend and his Grandma!


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