Wednesday, February 24, 2016

February 15, 2016

First full week in my new (old) area.  It feels weird because I am not as busy and can focus more on actually proselyting.  Still get antsy sometimes about doing certain things that I don't have to do anymore!  It's interesting coming back to an area though, my first time doing this.  The smells all remind me of things from 8 months ago!  Especially the wonderful Eastvale cow manure smell (there are a couple dairy's in the area).

I put my "Chinese glasses" back on again.  I talk with everyone, but now I'm specifically looking for Chinese people!  It's fun, playing spot the Chinese person.

Only my first week back, and I already made a trip to a government office.  At least it wasn't the DMV this time, it was the social security office. But remember, I'm a certified "interpreter" (not translator) in the city of Ontario :).

I thought I was back in China the other day.  It was around 8:15, and we were walking in the park and stumbled across a group of middle aged Chinese women listening to some very Chinese music, dancing in the park.  It brought me back to seeing a huge crowd of older couples dancing outside in Shanghai!

My Chinese is rusty, need to get it back up to par! Luckily I didn't have to translate for Stake Conference on Sunday because there was translation from Salt Lake.  It was a struggle in English class though.  One of the students wanted to study how to take loans out from the bank.  Unfortunately my vocabulary on that is not terribly extensive!  Doesn't help that I've not spoken Chinese is eight months.  I made it through though!  My handy dandy translator did its job.

Interesting experience:.  Sunday night we were waiting in a parking lot of a CVS for some investigators who were coming to pick up a Children's Book of Mormon (they didn't want to meet at their house).  A younger gentleman starts to talk to us about the church and, after we give the Book of Mormon to the investigators, we decide to have an impromptu church tour with this guy.  Already a little suspicious, we head over to the church building.  Long story short, after we give the church tour, he asks about Mormon girls and how he can find one.  I show him a picture of the Salt Lake City Temple that is on my planner and he pulls out his phone and shows us the background while saying "you mean like this?"  Newport Beach Temple.  So yeah, we got played.  He served his mission in Fresno.  Fun way to spend a Sunday night!

With Brother Powers, my old Ward Mission Leader - I'll miss him, he's the man.

The sun was really bright! Elder Mock, my replacement.

Passing over the phone!

Passing down the AP tie

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