Tuesday, June 14, 2016

June 13 2016

We had our AP exchanges this week.  It was fun to go back to my old area.  Got to see some of the recent converts which was fun.  The nine year old that got baptized back in that ward is now going to church with his whole family.  His example and faith is amazing in helping them change their lives and get out of their current situation.  Bishop and his wife took us out for Chinese food at this place that had tons of awards.  He made me order in Chinese so he learned how to say chopsticks.  I miss them.

During the exchange, we stopped at a potential investigator.  When we pulled up to the house, I said, "hey I know this place!"  I had contacted a guy that lived there six months ago, with Elder Mock while we were on exchanges (back when he wasn't in the office).  Turns out his granddaughter is getting baptized in a couple weeks into the ward, the sisters are teaching her.  It was a pretty amazing coincidence.

We were able to nab Elder Zeng for a little bit to do a baptismal interview for us.  Lunch was at this Chinese place and the waitress freaked out when she heard all of us conversing in Chinese.  She's from Shanghai which was cool.  Later, as more people came into the restaurant, they also seemed incredibly shocked to hear out Chinese.  One of the groups was from Shanghai and started speaking in Shanghainese because they didn't want us to hear them say, "those foreigners are speaking Chinese!"  Good thing I understood it.  We're having a lot of fun seeing people react to us "white people" speaking Chinese.  In Target last week, this older Chinese woman kept getting close to us and walking away.  She'd get about a foot away and then scurry away.  It was like being in China again (the lack of personal space).  When we tried to talk to her though, she kind of ignored us.

Transfers are this next week.  Elder Merriman only has a week left with us in the trio :(.  It's weird because we got into the field together - same plane.  This week we have dinner with Chinese members every day.  I call it the gauntlet - hopefully I make it out without gaining 20 pounds!  Time is flying!  What will happen at transfers?  Stay posted ;).

at mission leadership council

crafting - might have to open a 3D photo shop!

Elder Foy with the camera

Harry's last day.  Elder Zeng was with us for a baptism interview so we all got to say goodbye.

jurupa zone from last transfer. nice tie president ;)

multizones - peaking out

Photo creds to Elder Foy

team pic - Jurupa

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