Monday, June 6, 2016

June 6, 2016

Fun week that got really hot near the end.  We had a heat wave come in.  I kind of liked it though.  What has California done to me?  Don't worry mom, I had my SPF 100+ sunscreen on :).

We had our mission wide cross fit exercise today.  Had our Jurupa t-shirts on.  They turned out really great.  It's my last cross fit which was sad but I still kept up with President.  He's only a few decades older so it's whatever ;).

Harry got baptized on Saturday which was fun.  He's returning to China in a week so he will be a great addition to build the church up there.  The Bishop spoke a lot about his duty as a recent convert especially in China which helped me reflect on how so many of these recent converts are pioneers to bring the church out there.

We had a fun Chinese barbecue at the park on Saturday.  Great turnout, 70-80 people.  The majority were non-members which was cool.  I got to eat some lamb skewers, which were delicious - brought me back to the street vendors in Shanghai.

One of the highlights had to be the baby blessing of one of the recent converts in the ward.  He is a BIG baby.  I've sent pictures before.  We had fun bouncing him up and down in the circle to keep him calm.  He had a little shirt and tie on which was adorable.

My salsa got Mexican missionary approved by a Sister in our zone, so that was exciting.

We had a meeting with our Chinese members on Sunday to discuss the future of the Chinese group.  All but one was a convert to the church.  It's amazing to see and experience the fruits of their faith here in Eastvale.

I'm the short one

trio ties

elder warren really knows how to do a duck face

matching ties at MLC with elder zeng

matching ties at MLC

I found out how to make really good salsa

zone t shirts at crossfit

couldn't get everyone looking at the same time

the only good one was blurry

at harry's baptism!

Mom are you proud? SPF 100+!

really hot outside

jurupa zone birthdays - tres leches

the poenix suns with coach pennington (in the middle)

comp crossfit outfits - matching

angel moroni on the sleeve!

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