Thursday, July 14, 2016

July 11, 2016

When we were on exchanges this past week, we ran into some of our senior citizen Chinese friends at the park.  We got there just in time to join their Taichi session.  It was actually somewhat difficult and strenuous controlling all my movement, but it was fun.  The missionary I was on exchanges with had never experienced that before.  Some people around the park were looking at us a little funny, two guys dressed up in white shirts and ties doing Taichi with a bunch of older Chinese people.

I attended my last Mission Leadership Council.  Bittersweet, but I'm excited for the path that the mission is on.  Upward trend!  We always have this really good pizza at lunch at MLC, and I've become addicted to eating it with ranch.  A couple MLC's ago, they didn't have salad, so they didn't have ranch!  Travesty, I know.  So for my last one, I ensured I would be able to dip by bringing my own!  Don't worry I shared with my table too.

We had two awesome new members move into the ward.  Both the husband and wife are from China and joined the church there.  They served missions and attended BYU Hawaii, where they met.  We're so excited because it's an answer to our prayers.  We've been praying for strong members to come in to help bolster our group as we work to establish a branch here.  God answers our prayers!

We were in a lesson with a member, and her 10 year old daughter made a funny comment while talking about her 8 year old little brother.  She said, "Sometimes I hug my brother because I love him. Sometimes I do it because I want to annoy him!"  It reminds me of my childhood, with an older sister, and later, a younger one!

last mlc with my "son"

aid bye to Bishop Garcia.  He's moving to Georgia.  We're going to miss him!

steamed fish made by one of the members, really tasty

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