Wednesday, February 18, 2015

February 16, 2015

Long week.  Tiring week.  One of our baptisms got stopped until she had a second interview with our mission president.  That didn't go through and now she is not really feeling baptism.  Her husband and son are against it.  Very sad... We'll still work with her and see what happens.  

Our other baptism we were 100% having this week, just upped and moved to Irvine, out of our area, but still wants to be baptized in Eastvale, we have to get permission from our mission president for that, so we'll see how that goes.  We taught her tithing with oranges.  We gave her 10 oranges as a gift, then Elder Murray said, "I'm actually kind of hungry, could I have one?".  She got all concerned that he wasn't eating the most important meal of the day (breakfast) and started talking about that, until we told her it was part of the lesson.  That was fun.

We went to give a presentation to a bunch of exchange students that would be in the US for about a month.  I guess the guide hadn't filled them in about our Chinese because the minute we opened our mouths they were just oo-ing and ah-ing all over the place.  It was a nice opportunity to fill them in on Jesus, some guy they hadn't heard of most of their lives.  The guide had given us the address where we would be presenting and we assumed it was a church.  It did turn out to be a church, not one of ours though.  I don't know how comfortable the reception people were with a couple of Mormon missionaries walking into their church, but it turned out okay.  

This past Sunday was Elder Murray's birthday, so for breakfast, I made a bunch of food. We have to prep for Chinese New Year in Eastvale, and start fasting now so we won't gain 100 pounds from eating all the Chinese food!

Am in in Utah?


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