Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23, 2015

Kids say the funniest things.  This past Sunday, we walked into church, and one of the 5 year old kids of our investigators runs up to us, gives us a hug, and says "today I will go to the class and I will not cry!"  I was like, "GREAT!"  He was talking about primary, kid’s classes during church.  

One of our investigators getting baptized next Saturday moved to Irvine last week suddenly.  That was a bummer, but she will still be baptized here so it's all good. It was a long process getting that approved and everything with the mission president in Irvine.  

While talking with some of our investigators at English class, I found out how I could become a communist village official in China and get paid six million dollars a year.  I just have to pay someone 10 million dollars and I'm in! (or maybe it's RMB).  Seems pretty easy!

One of our members had us pick up a check for her and go cash it at some really shady bank.  I'm not sure how legit it all was, but I felt like I was in the mob going to this small bank with a thousand dollars.  The things you do as a missionary.

Elder Murray mentioned something really funny about all the pregnant women we see – that they all waddle, they just can't walk normally.  I don't envy all the women who have to give birth!

The investigator that was going to get baptized before but lost interest after her having to have a second interview said something really interesting.  Her son was in town and took them all to Universal Studios.  She suddenly got on a rant about how it's a waste of money (the tickets are "too expensive") and that's Satan's place because it's so expensive and taking her money.  Her Chinese is heavily accented so at first I thought she was saying Transformers are of Satan, but she was saying the place where the transformers are, is "of Satan." 

We had tons and tons of food for Chinese New Year at member's houses.  Lots of Chinese food, I ate way too much.

Chinese new year celebration food layout - before (so exciting)

Chinese new year food layout - after (I ate too much) 

Group of church members and investigators celebrating Chinese New Year

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