Friday, February 13, 2015

February 9, 2015

Lot's of stuff happened this week.  Not all of it pretty.  We have to translate a lot for Chinese people here and they struggle to be able to do normal things when they can't read, write, or speak English very well.  I had to "ma" (scold) the owner of a sofa company because he was not living up to his end of an agreement.  Then we had to secure our English class facility at the local community center after they gave us a hard time about it the past couple weeks.  It helps when members of the church are on the city council.  We called him, and an hour later, it was fixed.

Whenever I see a plane fly above, I get really nostalgic.  This is going to be the longest time in my life that I don't ride a plane!  Crazy how I literally miss just sitting on a plane with the loud ambient noise in the background.  

We were up in Chino Hills the other day to visit an investigator, and it's crazy how every luxury vehicle seems to be owned by a Chinese person.  Now that place is ripe with Asians!  We drove by Pomona in Chino Hills, so close to Uncle Glen! 

The people that we teach really just come to the US to make a better life for their kids.  One of our investigators is this huge Chinese guy, a kick boxer.  He took a job as a driver for a "pregnancy center" (the Chinese kind to get a passport), to come to the US.  At church, he broke down and talked about how hard of a time he was having here.  He sold everything in China to come so his son could have the luxury of growing up in the US.  They take low paying jobs here in the US just to give their kids opportunity.  That's sacrifice.  

One of the perks of this week was seeing David get baptized.  Such a long process, he had to move out and convince his family, but he's baptized now!

and guys... I saw a shooting star... Year made!

Baptism - first time we could get him to smile

Baptism group


Loving our car

Soccer's back

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