Thursday, April 9, 2015

March 31, 2015

Had a miracle baptism with Lawrence.  He was supposed to leave to Australia a couple weeks ago and was on date for baptism last month.  We visited him the night before his plane was supposed to leave to tell him about the missionaries in Australia.  Then the next morning when we stopped by at his house to talk to the other people that lived there about church, he answered the door! He said he wanted to stay longer in the U.S. and the things we had taught about families really got him (he was originally going to leave his pregnant wife for a couple months).  Anyways, long story short, he is now baptized, it was awesome.

When we were coming home from a meeting at the mission office, we got rear ended coming off I-15.  Very minor - Mulan didn't have too much damage, but it was annoying because he didn't want to give me his insurance information.  He just wanted to pay cash...

We got to go to the Temple this week, which was really fun. Pictures for that next week.

My testimony has obviously grown throughout this time.  The atonement is real, it's not only redeeming, it's empowering - through it we can do great things.  It all comes back to sacrament meeting though - it's different when you think about the suffering - not just physical pain, but the burden of sin that He had to experience because of justice.  Quite overwhelming.  I don't have those same black and white experiences as Ashley does though - so I can't tell you I've seen a drunk drug addict come clean.  

I was talking to a recent convert I baptized in Riverside the other day (I had to do a baptismal interview for someone who was getting cold feet and unfortunately it didn't work out). But he was telling me how different it is for Chinese people to accept something so usual to me.  It's hard for them to believe in God, to believe that they have a purpose here in life.  

Our investigators always say that us missionaries are so "pure" because we do not have any other motives than helping people.  Now we want to help them be baptized but it's interesting. Now is a time where 100% of my time and effort is put towards the people I serve, so it's really not a burden to me to wait 3 hours with someone while helping them register their child in school.  I don't have to answer emails, texts, or calls.  I can just be there and help.  Unique perspective on life.

Lawrence and Elder Dyer at Lawrence's baptism

Lawrence and his family at his baptism - he has a really cute daughter

Lawrence baptism group photo

Basketball clothes with breast cancer awareness socks - aren't you proud of me mom?!

Cheese plate - kind of

Fried green tomatoes

I made some parfaits

Planning pants!


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