Tuesday, June 23, 2015

June 22, 2015

We went to a Kindergarten orientation night with an investigator this past week.  It was fun reliving some childhood memories.  I really admire the teachers, can't believe they put up with not only the kids, but the parents!  The parents are more of a hassle than the kids!

David, one of our recent converts in Riverside was heading back to China, so he invited us over to his house to help him clean out his fridge... by eating all the food in it.  So huge meal with him.  Too stuffed.  

We got to go to the Temple too which is always fun.

We had lots of Chinese food, even meat sticks! It felt like I was back in Shanghai eating "lamb" (rat?) meat on the sidewalk.  

Sunday was Dragon Boat Festival so we got some Zong Zi's (sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves] at the Chinese market.  So we cooked those up, and made some cold noodles.  I voted to just put them in the fridge to cool them, but Elder Zeng said I couldn't so I stood there with a mini fan cooling them down.

When we met with Tony and Tina this past week (Tina got baptized last month and Tony is getting baptized next Saturday), we talked about having a Temple sealing.  Tina especially, is really excited to go to the Temple.  It's the best feeling to see your investigators/recent converts have their own desire to do things like be sealed to allow them to be families together forever!

Davids' house - helping him clean out his refrigerator

David's house 2 

Temple with the Chinese-speaking missionaries

Meat sticks!!! am I back in Shanghai? 

Busy kitchen - cooling the noodles with a mini fan (Elder Zeng said we couldn't use a fridge)

Cold noodles and Zong Zi Party (and gross salty duck egg that Elder Zeng bought too)

Brown woo! - all the way in Eastvale, CA

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