Tuesday, June 9, 2015

June 8, 2015

So I've decided again, that instead of returning to Brown, I will be pursuing my lifetime dream of opening a bakery that doubles as a barbershop.  My cookies are getting even better because we've been blessed with so many baptisms recently! 

There can be miracles! If you believe! We had two miracle baptisms this past week.  Remember when we got a baptism "taken away" by the Irvine missionaries when one of our investigators moved there? Well we just got paid back two-fold, karma is real! The Liang family moved into Eastvale about three weeks ago.  The son was already baptized, but the parents hadn't been yet.  So we taught them two lessons, and the second one they told us, hey we're getting baptized on Sunday! So after a long process which involved our mission president talking with the Arcadia mission president, we got permission to go attend the baptism in Hacienda Heights on Sunday.  They have a Chinese ward and that place is SO Chinese. All the street signs and everything! It was cool seeing another mission, and the missionaries there, and their iPads!

I've found that the most fulfilling moments in the teaching process as a missionary, is when they share their testimonies at the baptisms.  It's kind of like seeing your children graduate (because I know what that feels like) when they get up there on their own and share about why they were baptized.  At Ryan's baptism, he talked about how at the start he just thought the missionaries were nice people that seemed a little "different" from normal 19/20 year olds in how willing we were to offer service.  Then he said we gave him the Book of Mormon and taught him about the church and now it's his desire to raise his son in a church family and have them get the blessings that come with being in the church as a family.  

Flipping scallion pancakes with my cookies cooling in the background and radish cakes in the other pan

Ready to flip

I'm opening a bakery in conjunction with my barbershop!

Ryan's baptism picture!

Hacienda Heights - mini China

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