Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September 14, 2015

Lots of driving this week.  We racked up 190 miles on the car in one day because we had to go on an exchange across the mission!  It's fun seeing all the different parts of the mission though.  You hear about these places and it's cool to piece together a map of the mission by going there.  

On one of the exchanges, I was in a Spanish area again, and I got to attend a Spanish baptism which was fun.  I'm slowly improving my Spanish so nobody in Riverside County can pretend they can't understand me.  And so I go to a Spanish area after I'm done here.... just kidding!  It was fun going out contacting though.  Having a Spanish elder with you is great because if they try to pull the "no hablo ingles" on you, they just step up and blow their mind with Español.

We were walking to visit a referral we got for this guy and we saw two adults and a kid in one of those big above ground pools.  We asked if they knew this one guy (the name from the referral) and the little girl blurted out "YEAH YEAH HE'S RIGHT..." and got silenced by the guy who said he wasn't there and hasn't been to that house in months.  It's just so ridiculous to have people lie right through their teeth.  It's also nice to see how truthful the little children can be - if only we could become like them.

One of our investigators got baptized on Sunday.  It was so awesome to see him enter the water because it was the result of changes in his life that are going to bless him for a long time.  He was just so excited to be baptized it was adorable seeing him smiling ear to ear.  Interesting sight to see the contrast of the white baptism jumpsuit with all his tattoos.

Love his smile!

With his mother

Matching while visiting a zone meeting. totally not planned. we have too much fun

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