Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September 28, 2015

So I have decided to switch occupations again! We were walking on the street the other day, and there were a bunch of people outside.  Seconds after seeing us, doors slammed, garage doors closed, and suddenly everybody was gone!  So I'm thinking of enlisting in NYPD working in their riot division.  All I have to do is walk outside in my missionary clothes and boom, riot over! 

Elder Fischer and I acquired a bench press and weights on exchanges in Hemet, really far from where we live.  We expertly disassembled it, fit everything in our Corolla (the trunk is a black hole! It's huge!), and it is now sitting in our living room.

We had an awesome baptism of one of our investigators.  She's going to make a GREAT member.  

One of the family's we're working with right now is great! The kids love what they're learning and are incredibly bright!  The only downfall is that the father is totally against the church. He has never been inside one or met with missionaries and is still not letting his family attend or be baptized.  It's unfortunate that some people will just write us off so fast!

We were meeting with one of our recent converts here, and I asked about some of his friends, if they wanted to learn more.  He said, well they haven't really talked to me since they heard I joined the Mormon church, but I love my family at church more!  He wants to come out with us to teach people!  Our other investigators will love the tattoos :), it brings diversity to the lessons.

We have transfers coming up so it's going to be a struggle helping to decide who's going where in the mission.  I feel kind of like a manager on a sports team, arranging who's going where and who I want where.

Mission Leadership Council - before Elder Fischer and my training

The entire mission leadership council

Baptism! Elder Fischer is straight-faced

Driving selfie - I was bored, and tired

way back to the goodbye dinner at the mission home (the three missionaries on the left all finished their missions and went home at the end of the transfer)

Elder Dyer in deep conversation in the background

Sock tie for the temple

 Matching ties x 2

Matching ties x 4

Spring onion garden in our apartment

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