Thursday, October 15, 2015

October 12, 2015

Transfer week is a very long week, much longer when you're sick! The incoming group from the MTC brought a bug with them and unfortunately, this time, I wasn't able to avoid it!  This group of missionaries is awesome but they weren't very amused at Elder Fischer and my training on contacting people.  Maybe they were just nervous to be out in the field.  Usually we get lots of laughs from our role plays but this time we had a very silent crowd.

In other news, after three areas with Norco (AKA Horsetown USA), I have finally gotten out!  Our Bishop has been requesting Sister Missionaries in our ward for a really long time, and this time he finally got his wish.  So we gave the Sisters that are now in our ward the Norco side!  They'll do great, it's just harder for me to love someone when their horse is causing my eyes to itch and my throat to constrict.  Just kidding (about it being hard to love)!

We stopped by a Jehovah Witness the other day pick up a Jehovah Witness Bible that she had apparently offered us before.  We learned a lot of about "J-Dubs" while we were there.  AND we got a church invite, so now we can go to a Jehovah Witness service!  Should be fun.  While we were with her, we asked if we could pray with her.  Unfortunately she declined my offer because she said she had to cover her face when we pray. I was surprised but interested at why.  She said it's because men are apparently higher than women, "God created men first so they are higher than us and we have to respect them when we pray."  Interesting...  Good thing we don't believe in that!  It was a bit much to hear to be honest.  She said it's because Eve was taken from Adam's rib so therefore she's lower than men.  She didn't really understand my understanding of that being symbolic for Men being side to side with women, hence the rib being on your side.  But hey, not everyone gets it!

Pretty amazing how many blessings we're getting.  We had very limited proselyting time last week, and to put the icing on the cake, I was really sick.  But prayer works.  We were sitting in the car after a long day of training and office work and we prayed for help to find the ones that are ready to hear what we had to share.  Then we exercised faith and got out, despite the headaches, and BOOM, 20 feet from our car, this guy at a bus stop was just waiting to hear us.  We ran into three other people at an investigator’s house that wanted to hear more too!  Pretty grateful for the blessings we've had!

My bags are packed!!! NOT

Elder Pritchard, who lived in my apartment complex when I was in Riverside by UCR, at the mission home ready to go home

My zone leaders back in Jurupa

Feelin' sick

My Tom Yom soup for my sickness

One of our investigator's blue nosed pitbull puppy 

With my Bishop's son.  He just left on a mission to the Dominican Republic

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