Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19, 2015

Multi-zone conferences this week so really busy.  I'm still recovering from my little incoming missionary bug and it's weird because it's throwing my hearing off its game.  I feel so out of the conversations I have, so now I know what it's like to get old right?  We've been training a lot on contacting people.  We're trying to help the missionaries understand that contacting is FUN! You get to talk to random people on the street!  What more could you ask for?  Some people get kind of worried about being awkward in the contact, but let's face it, we're missionaries not pest control salesmen, you just have to get over it!

I had a great conversation with this Mexican guy who was drunk.  Poquito English! :) but my Español was sufficient.  We showed him the video "Because He Lives" about Jesus Christ and he was just ooh-ing and ah-ing, he loved it so much.  I asked him where he lived so I could send the Spanish missionaries over (as good as my Spanish is, he needs the professionals) only to find out that his home was over by a bunch of bags.  He's homeless and was pretty intoxicated, but who knows, maybe down the road he'll find a way into the Church.  They're the people who need it most.

Speaking of languages, I gave a Chinese baptismal interview for the Chinese Elders the other day.  It was weird to speak in Chinese again.  I was a little rusty but it went over fine, the investigator understood me!  The interview took me back to the UCR campus at the institute there.  It was cool to see some recent converts and be back on that campus where I had such a great time!

We have this amazing investigator right now who had previously spoke to missionaries online.  We had an awesome lesson with him about the Atonement and about Jesus Christ's sacrifice for us.  He really connected with the fact that Jesus felt everything and therefore has perfect empathy for us.  He felt it and is loving church.

On the downside, three of our investigators that are kids are being held back by their dad.  He just won't let them come to church!  It's like he thinks we kidnap people's kids.  He's perfectly fine with us coming over and teaching them.  They love it, and have even changed in the time we've spent with them, but unfortunately father knows best right?  It's so sad because every time we go over the kids are teaching their family members how to pray and answering all the questions perfectly.  Hopefully something softens his heart!

We had a surprise visit at one of our dinners from three missionaries that had previously served in the mission.  One of them was Elder Johansen!  Well, he's Christian now (that's his name).  They were staying at my Bishop's house and we were having dinner there.  It was nice to see them!  On Sunday, they helped with some of our investigators that showed up to church which was cool.  Elder Fischer and I were busy up on the stand singing with the men's choir (they needed voices).

Elder Johansen visited!!!

Throwbacks to Corona because I have no pictures this week:

With Khai, one of our investigators, showing him that my planner beats his phone any day

Corona Zone Conferences from August

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