Tuesday, October 6, 2015

October 5, 2015

We had transfer meetings all week, deciding where all the missionaries were going to spend their next six weeks in the mission.  It's interesting because before I was in the office, transfers were always a really exciting time to find out who was going where.  Now I know everything that's happening so it's not as crazy.  It's like making a movie instead of watching it, it's fun to see the results but you don't get that same excitement.

We had to prepare for a mission leadership council meeting this past week to add some extra stress to transfers.  We hardly had any time to actually do missionary work!  It's amazing to see the blessings we got though.  We've been praying for "who the Lord wants us to find that day" and on Tuesday, we were at the church building around 7 pm waiting for a member that was coming out with us.  This kid walked by us and said hey.  Turns out he'd been going to church for 6 weeks and hadn't been taught by missionaries yet.  So he just walked right into us!  

Later, we were in a meeting with our mission president, discussing transfers and we got a call from a guy who had been chatting to missionaries from the church online and was ready to meet with missionaries in "real life."  Miracle because he's been looking for a church for over a year and a half and he found us.

We were making transfer calls from the mission office Saturday night.  It was getting late and we walk outside to the car only to find this big black truck parked about 20 feet from our car across three parking spaces.  So naturally we look at each other, and run back in the office.  At this point we're freaking out because the truck wasn't there 10 minutes before.  So we spend the next 30 minutes scouring the office for weapons (for self defense of course).  Unfortunately no one got the memo to stock the mission office with things more menacing than a hammer, a yard stick, and a steak knife.  All this time we're checking the window to look at the truck, still parked there. 

Eventually we decide we need to turn the lights out so that this potential carjacker or threat or whoever it is, doesn't have the upper hand.  So we're freaking out in silent darkness for a while until we look out the window again, and the truck's gone.  Finally, to make a long story short, after many prayers and thoughts of all the possibilities, we summon up the courage to run outside with our hammer, yardstick (for range of course), and steak knife, jump in the car and drive away, safely.  The truck made a surprise appearance Sunday evening when we were doing numbers at the office, but luckily I had my really bright flashlight attached to my belt, to blind any potential attackers :) and nothing bad happened.  So moral of the story, always bring your flashlight, attached to your belt...

We'll be picking up the new missionaries tomorrow and starting a new transfer, so lots of excitement for that.  This is the first time since I started my mission that I've remained with the same companion for the second transfer! 

Next week is Columbus Day, apparently, so I will not be emailing on Monday... Probably...

Matching as usual for mission leadership council

Matching as usual for mission leadership council

Changed ties during lunch to see if anyone would notice...

Changed ties during lunch to see if anyone would notice...

Thank you mom and dad, now my apartment smells like Shangri-La

Smells like home

Not creepy, just too excited about the scent!

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