Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16, 2015

Transfers happened and we are now in a TRIO!!! Elder Fischer will be staying with me and we're getting Elder Westenskow, who is the most loving guy in the world.  We're going to have lots of fun this transfer.  It's too bad we don't have the same color suits.  There's two greys, and two blues, and two blacks, but not three of everything :(.

Unfortunately, we didn't have as many investigators at church on Sunday as we wanted.  It was the "Primary Program" so pretty much the whole first hour was little kids singing and giving small messages about Jesus Christ.  Very cute.  When they called all the children up to the front to sing and start the program, our investigator went up too.  I was really, really nervous because I didn't tell him to do that and this was his first time at church so he has never heard any of the songs before.  He was a trooper though.  I felt like a parent just looking at him and giving him HUGE smiles, and pointing at my mouth and making a smiling motion to encourage him to just smile.  He even caught on to some of the songs in the later verses and would sing along with the chorus.  Very fun.

Contacting people on the street is kind of like hunting.  You have to identify the next person you're going for, and go for it.  We got out of the car one evening, and I looked across the street and saw a family crossing the road.  So naturally I start talking to them.  I'm walking along the sidewalk forward, and then BOOM.  I walked straight into the pole of a "no parking" sign.  I was fine though, you should see the pole :).  I ended up getting their address from them to visit later, so it all worked out in the end.  Maybe they just took pity on me, or maybe they were scared of what I did to the pole...

We had a taco night with one of the families in our ward.  Two of the siblings got baptized in January, and we're working with the oldest one.  It was pretty professional, they were doing all the cooking outside so people would drive up and ask if they were selling them.  People making tacos out on their lawns and selling them is apparently is pretty normal thing here.  They were delicious though - nothing beats Mexican street tacos.

In other news, Elder Zeng is now a zone leader!  It's really exciting because now I will go on exchanges with him and visit my old area and see how my Chinese is now.

My pictures are all on a USB that another missionary has, so I only have two this week. 

Technically from last week, the p day activity

Last zone p-day activity before transfers, we played four square - flashback to elementary school days

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