Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9, 2015

Lots of preparation for the Mission Leadership Council that we had on Thursday of this past week.  I felt like I was in college again, dealing with all the statistics and Excel spreadsheets to do with the numbers.  It was actually a very exciting experience thinking up different ways to show the statistics in various graphs and tables and whatnot.  Trust me, it was captivating :).  We had a great time setting up action plans to help get our mission "on fire."  Lots of input from the group, which was great.  

We do a lot of street contacting in neighborhoods to find people to teach.  We try to navigate to the video "Because He Lives" ( because it is a strong multimedia message that conveys our beliefs about the Savior Jesus Christ.  We teach about Christ, testify about him, and show the video.  It's interesting to see, though, some of the contacts, where the person is so enthralled and interested, don't amount to anything.  At the invitation to listen to more of what we have to say on a later date, we are rejected.  Just the other day, I contacted this one lady.  It was great, you could really feel the Spirit.  She even started bawling when she saw the video.  But when it came time to setting up an appointment, she flat out said no.  Life of a missionary!

Elder Fischer and I seem to have started a trend among missionaries in the mission.  Lots of "matching" companionships are starting to crop up.  Obviously they can't get on our level of companionship unity, but mimicry is the greatest form of flattery right?  (But really, no one can compete with our banana costumes).  It was our ward missionary leader’s 76th birthday this past week and we got him a card and printed out a couple pictures of us.  We put in the "banana split" picture and wrote, "thank you for always coming out on SPLITS with us."  I don't think he got what we were referring to, but he thought it was hilarious.

We had a zone "blitz" on Saturday, where we go out with a whole zone and go into a companionship's area to contact people and get referrals.  It was amazing.  Elder Fischer and I were like ping pong balls bouncing around the streets talking with everyone.  The blitz was for the Spanish Elders that cover our area so we got some potential for us as well.  You should all be proud of our Spanish though.  We set up 6 appointments with various people in an hour and a half.  Gift of tongues, right?

This next week is transfers, so we will be in a lot of meetings with President Mullen to decide on changes in the mission.  Will I have a new companion next week?  We'll see!!!

I didn't have any pictures from the week so here are some throwbacks:

Incoming missionary training meeting (Elder Fischer and I matching as usual)

Incoming missionary lunch

Incoming missionary lunch

Outgoing missionary dinner

Found this gem on the mission office computers

From way back when I was companions with Elder Zeng! found this, this past week

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