Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November 2, 2015

Fun week.  We finished the last multi-zone conference, which was really exciting! They're fun to do, but it kind of gets repetitive after doing five of them!  The fun part is comparing the lunches from each one.  I think Mexican street tacos take the cake.

We were leaving an investigator’s house and saw a laughing couple across the street.  They were holding a very small baby.  So, naturally I walk across the street to talk to them.  I opened my mouth to talk, and without saying a word, the guy flipped me his middle finger and then pointed to the ground, all while ushering his wife and baby back in the house and slamming the door.  I was a bit speechless.

I brought some CTR rings over to the family that has the awesome kids but the Dad won't let them come to church.  They were SO excited and I had them explain what "CTR" means to their parents, "Choose The Right."  Hopefully that will help soften their hearts!

Our ward's trunk-or-treat had a lot of pixie sticks (sp?) so I was craving more on Halloween (the party was the night before).  Lo and behold, at an intersection, a guy who I thought was panhandling was walking down the line of cars selling PIXIE STICKS.  I get my dollar out, ready to get however many that will buy me, and he sees us, and keeps walking.  Only then did I see the "Harvest" sticker on the bucket he was holding.  Harvest is a born again Christian church in Riverside that is not a big fan of us Mormons.  It was a bummer though.

We were contacting some people that supposedly live in the ward and stumbled on this apartment with a package slip on it.  We were looking for someone with a very Mexican name and the package slip had a Chinese name on it!  No one was home, but I left a Chinese card and wrote, "Call me" (in Chinese of course).  Maybe the novelty will force him to make the call!

On Halloween night, we had to be off the streets by 6 pm, so all the missionaries in our stake met up at the stake center.  Elder Fischer and I obviously had the best costumes.  We rolled up in banana costumes, with matching everything.  There were some funny stares at intersections when people saw us.  It's crazy because it's been a year since the last Halloween on my mission (obviously...).  I was in the same building on the same day, watching the same movie (The Best Two Years) which is weird to think about.

On the way to the Halloween party - We were getting some funny reactions at intersections


With our Bishop

Gotta get a Polaroid in there

Banana splits! 

We had a joint ward Halloween party with the Spanish ward because we share a building with them, so we took a picture with all us missionaries.  Elder Fischer and I are clearly the Spanish missionaries.  Our Español is so bien.  Also, no one gave me the memo that we were "smoldering" for the camera. so I'm just smiling like a fool.

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