Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11, 2016

Hilarious moment with one of the recent convert families in the ward: They have a new baby that's about a month old.  Thomas Spencer Li (the baby - named after Thomas S. Monson) sleeps a LOT, as babies tend to do.  The five year old in the family asked a hilarious question.  She said "Mom, Tommy sleeps a lot, is it because he hasn't gotten through the jet lag from coming all the way from heaven?"  We couldn't help but laugh.  I suppose he does have some jet lag to overcome!  I wonder what time zone heaven is in?

Had a nice trip to the good ol' California DMV this past week to translate for a recent convert.  Advice for everyone, go in the afternoon - you don't have to wait five hours!  We ran into another member there, the one who asked us about year ago (as we were waiting in line) if he could help us with anything.  Memories!

During a zone "blitz," where the whole zone goes into someone's area and walks/talks to people for an hour and a half, the Elder I was with and I ran into a very interesting guy.  When we contacted him, he said "I would never talk to you guys, do you know all the terrible things you do?" Somewhat surprised I asked what he was talking about, he then told us "GET OUT" repeatedly many times.  It's nice to have the random mean contact mixed in with everyone else.  Brings us back down the earth!  It got me thinking about how mean people are to us sometimes.  Shouting/throwing stuff from cars as they pass by.  I thought about it and who on earth else would they do that to?  I figure, if Jesus went through worse, I can get through random old Joes who think they know their Bible so well.  Highlight was our Capri-suns after the blitz.  It brought me back to soccer games as a six year old!

We had to translate for an investigator at this Christian pre-school.  Their son was biting other kids.  At first I was a bit apprehensive to go to this Baptist pre-school, because they don't seem to like our church that much, but the lady was SO nice to us.  She said missionaries even come by her house sometimes and help her around the house.  Nice breathe of fresh air.

Every morning we'll pray to find the person that Heavenly Father would have us find that day.  It seems like, without fail, we always run into THAT person that has been prepared for us to make contact with.  We might run into this really mean guy, then talk to that one person.  It helps us to keep moving forward knowing that we have to talk to EVERYONE to find that one person.  Very rewarding work.

Capri sun selfies with the zone

The zone got headbands

Selifes with a really big pug!

We had dinner with a great member family who have a really fat Puggle.  He just had his hair cut, so we had to get pictures.

He's eating my ear!

The missionaries in the stake, in between Conference

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