Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April 25, 2016

It was a weird week that ended in a brother's baptism!  Always great to witness someone enter into covenants with Heavenly Father.

We had multi-zone conferences this past week.  Elder Warren and I gave a training, Deja vu, except we only had to give it once, not like what I call "missionary groundhog day."  It was a big blessing because we were with the Corona zone for the conferences.  Elder Fischer gave his outgoing testimony there.  I'm going to miss him a lot.  He's been one of my huge examples in the mission.  Our mission is going to lose a powerful leader and incredible missionary, and I'm going to lose one of my best friends out here!

We all wore our matching "Families are forever" ties that I gave to some other missionaries.  Best part was, President Mullen wore his purple one as well!  We obviously had to take a matching tie picture, then sneak one picture of "the pod."

We had another training during the week about increasing the unity in our zones.  The Assistants related it to the film, "Remember the Titans" – how we want our missionaries to remember the days they spent not only in the mission, but our zones.  Good thing Jurupa zone is also known as paradise!

It was Elder Westenskow's birthday this past week, so we got his key and snuck into his apartment to make a scavenger hunt.  Maybe I'll go into that field when I get home because it was fun.  I'll be the person that maps out the Amazing race :).

We had fun with one of our eight year old investigators, acting out various stories in the Book of Mormon and the Bible, including the story of Ammon and David and Goliath.  His name is David, so he made a very good David across from Elder "Goliath" Dyer.

The funny 6 year old member came up with another comment this past week.  She asked if we still had to wear seat belts in the car, because our shoulder bags look like seat belts on us.  She never ceases to crack us up!

We had a Stake service project this past Saturday.  We had to make trails at a nature center.  It involved literally pushing all the plants out of the way.  Very good workout that brought a lot of sweat and a nice farmer's tan, complemented nicely by some stinging nettles!

Class registration coming up for college.  Not fun at ALL!  Time flies...

the pod is back! (with matching ties)


Jurupa zone (aka paradise)

Somehow President got in on the Chinese ties!

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