Monday, April 4, 2016

April 4, 2016

I misplaced my planner this week, so that was a huge bummer because now I don't remember what to include in this email!  Woe is me :). 

We got to watch General Conference this past weekend which was great.  Everyone should go watch it too, or else they're missing out on a TON of fun stuff.  I was readily equipped with all my snacks to watch at the Church building.  It's all online now, so General Conference at the Church building in the area is just a party for all the missionaries.

In between conference sessions on Sunday, a member from our ward called and invited us over for lunch.  We made dumplings with them.  I need to get my dumpling making skills back on point because those were some lousy looking dumplings.  They still tasted good though.

I've run into a bunch of people from Shanghai recently which is awesome because I can talk to them about home, but I wish my Shanghainese vocabulary was more extensive to get "in" with all of them.

We taught one of our investigator families how to hold a family home evening, complete with the cookies and ending with a game.  They now know how to play Uno!

We seem to be lucking out with all the meals our Chinese friends are feeding us, not just members of the church.  Good old Chinese hospitality, welcoming us into their home to share food!

we had a family home evening with one of our investigator families

No pictures this week, so throwback to my first MLC out of the office

Let's play spot the Elder Dyer!:

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