Sunday, April 26, 2015

April 20, 2015

After long deliberation, I have decided I will not be returning to Brown after my mission. Instead I will be opening Dyer Barbershop and pursuing my dream of cutting hair... Just kidding! But I had a soft opening of "Cuts by Elder Dyer" in our kitchen yesterday.  Cut Elder Dalmer and Elder Carling's hair.  They have to look good for their new mission president in Taiwan!  They got their visas and Elder Murray and I will drive them to the airport Tuesday morning at 4 am! Fun stuff!

In other news, I'm training a new missionary again.  This time he's going to stay in this mission though.  Elder Zeng, from Sichuan, China!  Very excited for that.  

This week, we were walking around a neighborhood and this guy drives up and shouts, "Hey you guys LDS?" We reply, "Yeah." and he just shouts "BLESSED MAN BLESSED, YOU GUYS ARE THE BOMB." He then told us he was a convert of five years.  He had a friend that had just gotten off his mission and helped him feel the Holy Ghost and since then he's been "going around baptizing all [his] friends."  It was nice to have someone not shout [bad things] at us! Not like last time where, at the park, this girl in her 20s replied to our "if you see us around and need any help just let us know" with "I'd rather worship Satan than ask for help from you." 

Last week on Thursday, Elder Murray was on exchanges and we had dinner with a new family in the ward.  They told us to come around with Elder Murray on Sunday to prank him, pretend they were a very anti-Mormon family.  It was hilarious, we got there and Sister Garcia was asking Elder Murray how he can sleep at night knowing kids are dying and people are suffering and everything.  Elder Murray was pretty flustered, but we (Elder Carling, Dalmer, and I) couldn't suppress the laughter so we just burst out laughing.

Love Elder Carling's face

Mid-cut it looks like I am chopping his ear off 

Beautiful hair 1

Beautiful hair 2

Baking gone wrong...

Forest fire - pretty crazy actually

Chocolate strawberries

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