Thursday, April 9, 2015

April 6, 2015

So yesterday was Easter Sunday, hope everyone had fun.  Everyone's got to check out and watch the video about Jesus, it's only two and a half minutes long, don't be lazy.  Also, General Conference was this past weekend so go see that on too!

Slow week because of conference weekend, lots of our time was taken up with meetings.  We did meet a woman in the park who was filing for political asylum because the Chinese government would apparently not be cool with her having her second child.  It got really awkward because she started breast-feeding her 2 year old while talking to us in the middle of the park...  It was weird...

One of our investigators seems to be having everything bad happening to him.  He got his debit card information stolen and apparently $60,000 taken off the card, used at a casino.  First of all, that's a lot of cash.  Chinese people just come here and seem to run into so many problems.  You wonder why they stay.  I guess clean air and clean food is that much of a benefit!

One of our other investigators who is actually doing really well here and said he's never going back to China told us why he quit smoking years ago.  He said he found out the Chinese government taxes cigarettes a ton.  For a 10 RMB pack of cigarettes for example, 6 would go to the government in taxes.  He said he hates the government so he just stopped smoking because he didn't want to help. I thought that was funny.  I guess any reason is a good reason to quit smoking. 

Happy Easter, remember Jesus died for you, sorry I didn't take pictures this week, so you can have some throwbacks. 

Our Chinese ukelele duo - we'll be famous!

We got up early so I don't look too good

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  1. Hi Jake! Happy belated Easter! :) Hope you're doing well !!