Wednesday, December 16, 2015

December 14, 2015

Lots of fun exchanges this week.  Among other areas, I was able to return to Eastvale to go on a Chinese exchange with my “son”, Elder Zeng, and I was able to return to Corona and have a great time with some recent converts and their investigators.  My Chinese was a little rusty at first, but it warmed up at the end. Our last lesson was with this media referral.  He had visited a church visitor center and had a great experience so asked for missionaries to visit him.  At the end of the lesson, he said he wanted to become like us (Mormon) and said "you don't need to spend much energy with me, I want to do this."  Very great experience.  Another perk was getting some authentic Taiwanese food!

My exchange in Corona was incredibly fun as well because I got to see Allan, who got baptized the week after I left.  He is still as strong as ever.  I'm so grateful to have been able to teach him and been there to help him in his own journey.  It was great going out to teach their investigators with him and it seems like he's benefiting from being a Mormon already!  He got a job at a company owned by a member when I was there.  They called him and we celebrated in the car together!

We were teaching the Word of Wisdom to some of our child investigators and the member that was with me on splits was talking about how we need to eat our broccoli.  He said if you eat your broccoli you'll be able to grow hair on your chest.  Then, the 6 year old butted in and said, "And if you don't have any hair on your chest, then no girl will want to date you!" Wise words spoken from a 6 year old?  Maybe.  

Wish me luck this week, the cold is coming in!  Merry Christmas!

a packed Christmas tree (thanks to Aunt Annette and Co.!)

Does the apartment look familiar? I found Elder Murray's lightsaber chopsticks.  I felt in light of the new Star Wars movie that I will not be able to watch (no spoilers please) it was an appropriate picture.

matching for our trainer/trainee meeting

had to snap a couple pictures of the first zone meeting led by my "son"!

at the incoming lunch for new missionaries this past transfer day

It was cold - they have a nice Christmas tree!

Elder Fischer and Elder Westenskow borrowed Elder Zeng's coats to take a Christmas tree picture!


more santa!

exchanges in Corona with Allan!

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