Wednesday, December 2, 2015

November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving!  Lots of turkey and lots of sports.  We started out the day with our turkey bowl.  Got together with other missionaries and members and played football!  It was fun, and cold (as cold as it gets in November in Southern California).  Then moved to golf.  Our Bishop took us (he's the best Bishop) and it was really fun, even though I take baseball swings at the golf ball.  Then dinner with our Bishop and his family, which was awesome as well.  Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pie!  Then dodgeball in our zone activity, then basketball!  Very packed day, lots to be thankful for!

Sunday night, the member who signed up for dinner dropped it off at the church, so we made a little home theater in the kitchen and watched Mormon Messages while eating our burritos (that we WARMED, not cooked, in the oven).  It was very cozy.

Our Ward Mission Leader calls us Pied Pipers because we teach crowds of kids on the steps of various apartment complexes in our area.  We had five kids at church with us on Sunday which was really fun.  At the end of the three hours of church, the youngest made the comment, "I want to stay here all week, I don't want to go home!"  It was amazing seeing them sitting reverently during Sacrament meeting in the first hour.  One of them even said it was his favorite part.  He's ten years old!  Great kids.  I got two of them white shirts and ties to wear so they look very nice in their new outfits.

One of our recent converts has been coming out with us on splits to teach our investigators.  He just "gets it."  He explains principles clearly and simply and is very invested in the work.  I'm so grateful to have been able to witness his conversion and how strong of a member he is today!

Also! The Church just put out an awesome two minute video about Christmas at so everyone should go check it out.  It's got some pretty good production value.

trio! gotta rep the school

the whole group!

prepping the food

dinner is very serious business

ready to eat my gourmet burrito!

Picture from two weeks ago (he was about to go home)

blurry selfie of our trio walking up a hill - very exciting stuff

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