Wednesday, December 9, 2015

December 7, 2015

We had mission leadership council this past week, so very tiring!  We were in the office late preparing for the meetings.  Turns out, there has been a guy siphoning gas out of some of the trucks that are parked at the mission office!  Maybe it's the black dodge truck!  I need to upgrade my weapons - maybe get two flashlights to blind them now.  It's crazy, so many hours go into preparing for that meeting, then it's over so fast!  We went "fisching" in one of our trainings, talking about how we can "hook" investigators and help them to progress along the path they are on.

In other news, I found this water feature at CVS the other day, so now we have constant soothing sounds of trickling water.  It even lights up!

Probably the highlight of the week was seeing Santa at our ward's Christmas party.  Can you believe out of all the places he could have been, he decided to come to OUR party?  It was very fun, we even got pictures with him.  Stay posted for pictures of "the trio" with Santa.

We hit up the golf course again this week, dressed the part.  I have to say my golf is terrible.  It's okay though, because I was wearing a polo shirt - my USA soccer jersey.  It's not very much like baseball, unfortunately.

This Christmas season, I hope everyone follows the example of the person whose birth we're celebrating and makes an extra concerted effort to love one another.  Sometimes it's hard, but it's worth it!  Merry Christmas (it's been non-stop Christmas music since Thanksgiving, Elder Westenskow is addicted).

A very California Christmas tree

The trio! sandwich-ing

from this past outgoing dinner

he snuck up and took a selfie!


Newest addition to the apartment! a water feature!

the trio on the golf course (matching socks) with my USA soccer jersey on (had to find a polo)

so much concentration (with a ton of seeds in my mouth) (that's a baseball batting glove by the way)

it's just like baseball... NOT it's a lot harder... my baseball swing doesn't really work in golf...

oh you wanted MORE golf pictures?

my baseball golf swing

my putting... tiger woods

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