Wednesday, December 23, 2015

December 21, 2015

Merry Christmas everyone!

We got to attend the Temple this week as well.  Great experience as usual.

We spent a good part of our Saturday this previous week doing community service.  We helped give out presents to kids who were probably not going to have the best Christmas.  It was an amazing opportunity to serve.  We helped keep the kids entertained while they waited as well.  Lots of singing - lots of voice used up.  After the service project, I was not able to speak very loudly!  There was one girl in a wheelchair, with progeria, the disease that makes you age prematurely.  The average life expectancy is something like 14 years if what I remember from before my mission is correct (can't work the Google on my phone here).  I usually wouldn't say I'm an incredibly sentimental guy, but seeing her smiling so happily just melted my heart.  I almost wanted to cry (almost... but I didn't) knowing that this one Christmas season meant so much to her because she wouldn't have that many in her life.  You could just see the joy in her eyes.

Following that service project, we were able to go with all the missionaries in our stake and carol in a wagon with bales of hay.  First thing's first, I'm glad I grew up in the city and not on a farm.  I don't know how people lift hay bales so easily.  They're just so big and awkward, and the twine just cuts into your hands.  They had us put the hay bales in the wagon/trailer to sit on as we caroled house to house (so we wouldn't have to walk, high tech I know).  At first I thought I could just carry a bale with another missionary - make it easy, but no, our good ol’ missionary farm boys decided to start lifting them alone.  So, obviously because I did not want to turn in my man card, I had to do it too.  Not very fun!  First and last time.  The caroling was fun though, just riding in our "sleigh" pulled by this special breed of horse called the Toyota Tacoma.  There were something like 200 horses pulling the trailer!  Talk about power!  It was a very fun experience.

I got some church clothes for one of our 10 year old investigators because that was what stopped him last week, not having clothes to wear!  He looked like a million bucks and he knew it.  White shirt and tie, black pants, black belt.  It was so funny running to him in the hallway between the 2nd and 3rd hour as we were walking to class, seeing him carry these scriptures that he had borrowed.  He really loves church, it's amazing to see the faith of the kids.

Transfer meetings are this week, hence the late email.  Always fun meetings to decide what's happening to everyone in the mission.  One thing is for sure, the meetings show just how much our mission president cares for each and every individual missionary.

Pictures coming tomorrow, the internet is terribly slow right now, so I can't send any.

It was cold

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