Wednesday, March 16, 2016

March 14, 2016

It's almost Easter time!  The church recently put out a very nice video on Easter, Jesus Christ, and the Resurrection.  Everyone needs to watch it!  It's on

Wonderful week, ending in a couple baptisms.  I got to return to my old area to see the eight year old son of the Quinonez family get baptized.  It was awesome.  His dad was able to baptize him.  The five year old daughter is excited to get baptized too in three years!  When the actual ordinance was happening, she was part of the crowd of little kids at the edge of the baptismal font.  She made sure to let everyone know that, "that's my dad and that's my big brother, and he's getting baptized today!"  

We had a baptism in our area as well.  Our investigator was the first Taiwanese person to ever get baptized into our group.  That's a big thing!  It was awesome to hear her share her testimony after the baptism.  She said at the start, she just met with the Elders because she thought she could improve her English, then she slowly started reading the scriptures and coming to church.  The turning point was when we invited her to give up coffee and live the word of wisdom.  She had tried and tried before to not drink coffee but for some reason could not.  We gave her a blessing that day, and she said after that she had no desire to drink it more.  She's an awesome addition to the ward.

English class this past week was fun. One of the recent converts in the ward (she's eight years old) had a funny response to my "homework" that I gave everyone.  I like to ask them to do small things like go to the supermarket and have a conversation with an employee to help them improve their English.  When I asked everyone to do that, she got a concerned look on her face and said "Elder Dyer, do you think you could give me less homework please?  My teacher at school gives me a lot of homework and I haven't finished it yet."  It was cute, I told her she was exempt from this time!

I channeled my inner Rafael Nadal on P-day today.  We played tennis.  Still working up to his level, but I'll be there soon!

Our Taiwanese investigator's baptism

Quinonez family before their son was baptized by his father

Younger sister takes selfie of her older brother - the "man of the hour" at his baptism

Elder Dyer with younger sister

They're back! We made chocolate covered strawberries for a zone meeting

The most beautiful output

Ready to deliver

With one of my recent convert's daughters.  Every time we leave her house, she always says, "but, but, I'll miss you guys!" In her high pitched Chinese.  It's cute.

I was on exchanges and my companion for the day introduced me to these brilliant mirror pictures...

The new Rafael Nadal - action shot of tennis match

artsy pics through the net

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