Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21, 2016

Great week because we had our first all Chinese sacrament meeting on our group here in Eastvale.  Sunny, who was baptized two weeks ago, gave a short talk and shared her testimony.  It's amazing to see her progress in such a short amount of time.  She's awesome!  It was cool to see some recent converts take more responsibilities at church, like blessing and passing the sacrament.

Our Chinese group got volunteered by one of our very musical Taiwanese members to sing in an Easter music devotional on Sunday.  Unfortunately, she had to visit Taiwan for a family emergency so that left us without a leader!  Elder Warren had to step up and lead us as we sang "How Firm a Foundation" in Mandarin.  It was a miracle because during all the practices we didn't sound very good at all.  The men kept getting pulled away to start singing the women's part!  Then when we got to the devotional, we found out we were second to last.  We went through all the musical numbers just thinking how we were going to be able to sound remotely as good as all these talented people.  When it actually came time to sing though, it sounded great!  Elder Warren and I wore matching Chinese ties for the occasion.

We have some great members in our ward.  We're teaching a 16 year old and he's making good friends at church.  He's new to the US and is enjoying the fellowship at his youth activities.  He'll be participating in youth conference next week which is awesome!

This transfer is a 7 week transfer rather than a 6 week transfer because of a change in the MTC assignment times, it's weird not having to go into transfer meetings!

Everyone make sure to remember Easter this next week, and feel free to let me know why we have the Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs.  But watch the video "Hallelujah" at!

One of our member's dogs would just lie down on its back.  The member had just finished mopping, she the dog did a great job drying the floor!

hunting for fly's before dinner.  They had an electric fly swatter!

finally organizing all of my papers from the office.  not fun...

The Scientology church at their headquarters down in Hemet.

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  1. you're near Hemet? That's where Rob and Lisa Sorenson (formerly in the Huron Valley ward in Ann Arbor) live now! Love all of your witty comments and photos!