Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March 7, 2016

Another week gone.  We attended Mission Leadership Council and it was weird not having to prepare any statistics or trainings for it.  The night before I was thinking about what I needed to get ready, which was NOTHING!  It was interesting attending and receiving the training from the other side.  I learned a lot!

The other week, I was walking around eating the big orange/pomelo/grapefruit thing that someone at their door who rejected us gave me.  Some guy runs up to us and in a raised voice starts going on about how we're not allowed in the parks and we're not allowed to proselyte here.  I should have pretended I didn't speak English but instead I asked him why I'm not allowed to eat my orange in the park (the park was empty).  This park janitor guy said we're not even Christian and we're doing religious solicitation (To who? The trees?) and he was going to "call the cops."  It was an interesting conversation.  He turned out to be a Southern Baptist who was not a fan of our church and thus reacted, or should I say ACTED so interestingly.  I tried to shake Bill's hand at the end, but he wouldn't have it.  The people you meet sometimes!

I got to go back to my old area on exchanges!  It was really fun to see some of the people there.  It almost felt like I never left!

We were driving through a neighborhood and I spotted a grandma from one of the families in the ward.  They're from Sichuan and make really good "cold noodles" (really spicy!).  We didn't have a dinner appointment that night, so I asked her when she was going to make us these cold noodles next.  She said come back in an hour!  I told her I didn't want to be a bother and maybe we could set up a time that would work for everyone.  She snapped back, that time is now!  Come in one hour, and started walking away.  She cracks me up.  Sometimes it's hard to understand her because she has a really thick accent (all of this is in Chinese of course), but the noodles were delicious!

We went to visit a former investigator I had taught when I was here a year ago and found a whole separate family living there.  The grandpa was very excited to meet us and was wondering how we spoke Chinese.  Turns out, when he retired, he took up painting, and decided to give us a little notebook of some of his paintings.  He made sure to write, "for Elder Dyer" on the inside cover.  Must be famous or something :).  It was funny because he wanted a picture, but first went to get his glasses on so he would look just like he does on the cover of his little booklet.

This guy was so excited that he met his FIRST american friends (Elder Warren was sleeping)

Stopped by my newly baptized family on exchanges and had to get a picture with their youngest daughter

What the... totally not planned?

Okay maybe a little planned ;).  I'm slowly building up the amount of people I can match with :)

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