Monday, May 2, 2016

May 1, 2016

We went to help a recent convert family move to a new house and in the process met an awesome new investigator!  We walked in and started to speak to another recent convert who lives at the same house, in Chinese of course.  We heard a little scream and a lady ran over freaking out about how us "white guys" could speak Chinese!  She quickly handed her phone to her friend and had her friend take a picture of us three.  She then told us she has a lot of interest in Church and learning more about Jesus Christ!  Pretty fun experience.

Got fed a lot this week.  We showed up at one of our member and investigator's houses and it turns out they were celebrating a birthday party!  They quickly ushered us into their home to join in the festivities.  Lots and lots of food.  This was after our dinner that night, so we were already full!  When I told one of the women I couldn't eat anymore, she quickly put more in my bowl and said, "You have to!  You can't waste food!"  Very typical Chinese hospitality.

Had an interesting lesson at their house that night.  While we were there, another Chinese woman showed up.  My heart immediately fell because it was someone who really is not a fan of our church and tells everyone else about it.  We had taught her once before but she does not really like us - just very passive aggressive behind the very smiley face.  She came in and was obviously surprised to see us.  She didn't know that the owner of the house was one of our members.  I was expecting her to bring something up about the church during dinner and she did not fail to do that.  She started talking about how crazy we were.  I asked her why and she said she didn't want to say anything because it would "cause contention."  I told her to say it anyway because I wanted to clear up her misunderstandings.  She went on to say that our "Bishop has 40 wives."  I just started laughing and told her how ridiculous SHE was.  She didn't quite believe me when we said there is no polygamy in our church...  Not a fun experience, but the family all still came to church on Sunday anyway!

We volunteered at a Relay for Life in Eastvale on Saturday.  It was really windy, so we had to stop tents from flying!  It brought me back to high school days.  Our Relay for Life's back home were very well attended.  We had fun, especially with the free Chick-Fil-A!

We had our Stake conference during the weekend, so for one of the sessions, Elder Warren and I were in the translation booth looking at the little TV.  Translating is really tiring.

The Stake asked our Chinese group choir to sing during the conference.  Naturally as the missionaries, we got roped in with everyone else.  I managed to get Elder Mock to come up on short notice with us.  It was hilarious, but he sang well.  Hilarious because we sang in Chinese.  He still pronounced everything very well!  Proud of him.

I got to visit La Sierra Heights, my previous ward, on a short exchange last week.  It was awesome because we had dinner with the Solorios, one of the great families.

visited a member and investigators and got pulled in to eat dinner with them

I ate too much

back in the translation booth

 Translation is tiring!

visiting the Solorios on exchanges back to my old area!

visiting the Solorios on exchanges back to my old area!

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