Tuesday, May 17, 2016

May 16, 2016

We had a very fun time preparing and setting up our zone meetings this past week.  Lots of food, lots of fun.  We had a human board game to help everyone practice their contacting, complete with chance cards and everything.  

We cover the University now as well.  It's fun to be back on a college campus and get to meet and teach college students.  We went to free lunch at the institute last week, and no Chinese people showed up.  We decided to go out and bring some in so we went out on the sidewalk adjacent to the building and started contacting people.  We managed to meet this girl whose family is from Guangzhou and grew up in the Bay Area.  She was interested but had already had lunch!  We just showed her the Hallelujah video and let her get on her way to class.

Elder Merriman had his outgoing interview this past week as well.  Things are getting real!  We were in the same incoming...

We were able to go over to a recent convert's house and have a LOT of food.

Our dinner at Ryan and Selina's

With "Ya Ya", a recent convert's daughter who got a new dress!

Our zone meeting human board game

Set up for zone meetings - healthy snacks in the bottom right corner for a sister that's doing a special diet

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  1. Very nice of the zone leaders to think about my daughter's diet.