Wednesday, May 11, 2016

May 9, 2016

Fun last week of the transfer.  It started last week on P-Day with us getting a knock on the door.  Some people were trying to sell some service to come clean our carpets.  They were going to do some free cleaning first!  We weren't interested, BUT we obviously had to take the opportunity to turn the tables on them and teach and testify about the Gospel.  I now more completely understand what it feels like to be on the other side of the door.  We ended up getting the information of one of the salesmen (actually a saleswoman) and sent it over to the missionaries that cover the area.  Always be persistent!  I wonder what they were thinking when two guys in shirts and ties answered the door.

Serving a mission (particularly in Eastvale) is having a weird effect on me.  Members are way too nice and always seem to feed us dessert.  It's like Pavlov's dogs where after dinner now, I NEED to have something sweet/dessert.  It's bad, but sometimes we'll go to Chinese members' houses and be thinking beforehand, what can we eat for dessert after - because luckily they do not feed us dessert!

We had this big two liter bottle of root beer a member had given us and did not know what to do with it.  Neither of us drink soda.  So, I had some baking soda and seemed to remember remotely that in elementary school, when you put baking soda in things like soda was it? or vinegar? they will explode!  I got some baking soda and put a bit inside.  Unfortunately we were unable to cap it fast enough, and my thumb in the opening of the bottle just made the pressure go up so it was spraying everywhere.  That particular experiment has been fun to clean up.  We keep finding random places with spilled root beer.

We had mission leadership council this past week and it was the last one Elder Westenskow is attending.  Transfers were also this past week and he's no longer in the office :(.  I'm going to miss his training.  We got a picture with some of the missionaries from our outgoing group at the meeting. There's a lot that go home with us!  Still have ample amount of time though!

We visited an investigator while he was having a barbecue one evening.  His backyard had the little barbecuing thing that Chinese meat stick salesmen have.  The long rectangular grill that makes it easy to make lamb meat sticks.  It reminded me a lot of home!

I did my last Skype call, got to talk to the family which was fun but weird.  Time is flying by faster than I can imagine.  Transfers this past week brought Elder Merriman to Eastvale for his last transfer with Elder Warren and me.  Getting that trio life again!

For our English class Friday night, the Stake was having a big "Fiesta Latina."  We decided to have a "Cultural Field trip" to the Stake Center to let them experience Latin culture, because there are so many Hispanic people in Southern California, so a group of 25-30 Chinese people descended on the party.  The major consensus was that the food was not good, but the atmosphere was awesome.  They all seemed to miss the crowds in China.  All of them were not however, used to having all the "weird" (their words - I thought the food was great) food.

We decided to walk around our Apartment complex to find all the "Birth Centers" where Chinese people come to deliver their children.  You can tell them apart because they all have a little table by the door where someone brings food every day.  It was fun and now we know where all the Chinese people live in our complex.  Also, we got a return appointment by a lady who was freaking out about us speaking Chinese.

Today was Elder Fischer's last day in the mission.  I'm going to miss him, he's like a brother to me.  He came up to Jurupa to finish out his last P-Day.  We started with golf.  Got my baseball swing out again.  I'm slowly but surely looking more like Rory McIlroy (and playing like him too).  Then we moved to soccer and finally to basketball.  We matched for most of it.  Last stop was In-N-Out (I'm addicted).  I strayed from my normal "healthy" "protein style" burger (lettuce bun) and went crazy with a regular bun to complement my fries and lemonade.  Pretty cool.  I'm going to miss him, it will be weird not having him in the mission.

the jurupa zone!

It was an elder's birthday at district meeting

The Canadian stealing candy!

one footed district picture

 Kitchen cleaning

Golf - at it again

terrible form (baseball swing)

one more picture of the pod

 throwback to la sierra heights, with Bishop (matching pants and socks)


elder foy making a guest appearance

la sierra heights ward - matching arm sleeves, matching socks

apparently I was supposed to be line drying a lot of my stuff... so here's my jump rope drying line

 last pic of the pod :( 

last MLC with Elder Westenskow :(

missionaries from our outgoing at MLC

nobody wants pineapple gummy bears

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