Wednesday, August 12, 2015

August 10, 2015

Tough week.  I lost my favorite pen! It's just not the same writing with another one, so luckily Staples saved my day on that one.

One of our nine year old investigators said something really cool this past week.  Her grandma asked her, if she wanted to either get baptized on her birthday or go to the beach.  Obviously the first question was "why not both?" Which, for some reason, did not work.  Then she said, she wanted to get baptized.  It was cool to see the cogs of a nine year old's head turning.   

We got to go to a baseball game this last Friday which was awesome.  A minor league game, mind you, but it was fun nonetheless.  It was "Stormin' Mormon" night at the Lake Elsinore Storm.  Our whole mission was there, including Elder Johansen, my trainer!  So Elder Zeng got to meet his grandpa.  Elder Zeng had never seen baseball before, and it was tough trying to explain the rules to him in Chinese - partly because my Chinese has regressed in these four weeks in Corona, and partly because I was really distracted, by the game.

We went to a special conference (because we cover the YSA - Young Single Adult ward in Corona) that was in Redlands.  We brought one of our investigators who really liked it.  He especially enjoyed walking around the Redlands Temple grounds and feeling the peace that comes with that sacred place.  He said he plans to serve a mission too! Awesome guy.

Our mission President has recently been talking about "becoming" a true disciple of Jesus Christ.  He was talking about how, in the end, it's not just a bunch of pluses and minuses (as much as he would like it to be that way - he was an accountant).  Instead it's what or who we've become throughout this long, eventful, adventurous life.  

With Elder Foy at the Stormin' Mormon night in lake Elsinore.

With my son

 He likes to laugh

Three generations! posterity! 

Elder Foy loves his baseball

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