Friday, August 21, 2015

August 17, 2015

It's transfers this next Monday (August 24th), so keep that in mind if you're going to send stuff after, like, Wednesday the Mission Office address is:

Elder Jacob Dyer
5900 Grand Ave,
Riverside, CA 92504

Great week with two baptisms.  We had 50 people turn out to one of them, which was awesome.  Funniest moment was the 16 year old baptizing the 14 year old.  He used one hand to put him under water and pull him back up again.  He's a strong guy!  I guess we failed to let him know the mechanics.

I had exchanges with the AP's (assistants to the President) in Norco (the other half of Norco is my area) but we did some service in the morning.  I love service and all, but it was a great reminder that even after living in Norco for almost 6 weeks now, I am still really, really allergic to horses.  My nose was running all day, my throat was all closed up, and my eyes were itching like crazy.  Cleaning out a horse shed is no fun, and the horses weren't even there! Their (the APs) life is hard! We got to their place at like 11:45 pm, so the lack of sleep didn't help the allergies!

Second funny story of exchanges was visiting an investigator, whose walls were literally covered with cockroaches.  I literally have never seen so many cockroaches crawling around everywhere.  There was literally not a square foot without a cockroach on it.  He didn't really seem to mind either - he must be the cockroach whisperer. 

One of our investigators who's awesome is having trouble with his parents, which is a shame.  They feel that if he gets baptized it means he's leaving them, which is obviously not true! Family is the #1 most important thing.

Our apartment got really hot this past week (we're having a heat wave).  When it got to 96 degrees inside, we had to bounce out of there and head to another missionary’s place to chill (literally) for a while.

Baptism of the young brother in the middle

Another baptism...


Gettin' a little bit hot!

Mission leadership council August 2015

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