Saturday, August 1, 2015

July 27, 2015

This last week, I got woken up by some weird shaking.  I thought I was dreaming but turns out it was an earthquake! Pretty weird.  Elder Foy slept through it though.

We're having an awesome time with one of our investigators, who's progressing really well.  He talked about how reading Book of Mormon has allowed him to feel the spirit so strongly.  He mentioned how he was never much of a reader until he picked up the Book of Mormon, and now he can't put it down.  It's funny how learning about the Gospel, something good, makes you want to share it.  He talked about having the opportunity to share it and we touched on how we are all missionaries in our church.  Hopefully in a bit of time, he can get out there too! 

Elder Foy second from left, Elder Dyer second from right

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