Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015

Long tiring week! Lots of meetings to attend throughout the week. Some things to get used to.  I have my own phone now - usually it's shared between the companionship, but Elder Fischer and I both have our own.  We attended the meetings Monday night for outgoing missionaries.  It's funny to see how nervous they are about returning home.  They say they just "feel weird" about it.  In the van to the airport, they were singing and just so excited to see their family.

I had to get used to driving alone too.  With all the vehicles that need to bring missionaries to and from the airport.  Elder Fischer and I drive separate cars.  I had the minivan on Tuesday to pick people up.  I felt like a soccer mom.  It was fun talking to all the fresh crop about the mission and how great it's going to be.  

Something tiring about being an AP is, even after a whole morning and afternoon of training (a lot of it by us) we just get home, change out of our suits, and head back out to proselyte.  There's just never a dull moment!

We had to change out all four tires of one of our investigator's cars.  So in total it was eight tires because she wanted to switch them with a different car.  I felt like I was in an F1 pit... Just kidding, I was really slow.

Allan got baptized on Sunday, so I got to return to Corona for the baptism.  He's awesome.  There were so many people that attended! I'm so grateful to have been able to participate in his teaching.  Hopefully by this time next year, he's getting ready to serve a mission (he said he really wants to).  

Sunday nights starting at 9 pm, we're in the office getting numbers from Zone Leaders.  We get home a little before midnight.  Gotta love it.

With Allan and Elder Foy!

Elder Fischer is my new companion (on the far right)

All the guys at the baptism!

At the baptism, with the football (blurry though) 

With Allan at the open house after

With my ward mission leader from my previous ward - we didn't have a dinner scheduled and since my new ward is adjacent to my previous ward, we just had dinner with them!

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